Enhancing Patient & Staff Wellbeing: The Power of Outdoor Spaces in Healthcare Settings

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It's no secret that nature and being outdoors can transform a person's well-being. When applied to healthcare settings, this highlights an essential consideration that directly impacts both patient and staff experiences.

As experts in providing canopies for healthcare environments, our team is passionate about the functionality of outdoor spaces. Keep reading to understand how carefully designed outdoor areas can improve happiness and mental health and offer a space for supporting physical development.

In What Ways Can Functional Outdoor Spaces Improve Wellbeing in Healthcare Environments?

Functional outdoor spaces can be powerful tools in altering the experience that people in healthcare settings can have. [Various studies show that spending time outdoors reduces depression, lowers anxiety and can benefit both mental and physical health.](https://www.froglife.org/2022/03/29/the-benefits-of-green-spaces-and-nature-on-mental-health-2/#:~:text=Studies have shown that green,and improve general well-being.) As healthcare settings need to provide high levels of patient care and positive working experiences for staff, a comfortable, welcoming outdoor area is important.

Spending time outdoors can help patients reduce anxiety, leading to faster healing times. Outdoor spaces can also provide a sense of normality and help patients feel less isolated during their hospital stay. Outdoor time is also essential for staff as it provides a break away from their often demanding jobs. This can prevent burnout, improve happiness, and promote a healthy work culture.

All of these benefits are enhanced when spaces are designed to be functional. This is vital to consider, the way a space is designed show how it is intended to be used. For example, a busy staff member may just briefly pop their head outside for a minute when taking a break unless prompted to act differently. However, providing seating would allow them to spend time outdoors relaxing. This may encourage food to be eaten outside or for better quality breaks to be taken that improve overall well-being. Some other examples of functional outdoor spaces in healthcare settings include walking paths, meditation areas and gardens. By prioritising the design and maintenance of these spaces, healthcare facilities can create a more holistic approach to patient and staff care.

What Canopies Are Best for Creating a Functional Outdoor Space?

We offer a selection of canopies ideal for healthcare settings. These all encompass safety, experience, robustness and cost. Some examples of our Spaceshade canopies that enhance the functionality of healthcare environments are as follows:

  • Anti-Ligature Canopies: These are important safety designs ideal for using in spaces in which vulnerable people can be found. Including concealed downpipes and no exposed fixings these designs eliminate the chance of accidents or intended negative actions from occurring.
  • Walkway Canopies: Making an outdoor space functional can be as simple as covering a walkway. This provides some weather shelter and ensures there are places to stand and grab some fresh air when needed.
  • Garden Canopies: These are ideal if the healthcare setting has areas for relaxing such as recreation areas. They keep spaces weather protected and ensure they are accessible all year round.

There are lots of other bespoke options that our team is happy to discuss. To learn more, contact us now.