Improving The Patient Experience – Healthcare Canopies

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On healthcare sites such as hospitals, canopies are versatile and cost-effective, and can have myriad different uses while offering benefits to both patients and staff. Here are just some of the advantages:

  • Patient comfort and safety

A canopy or covered walkway overs protection from the elements as patients walk between the hospital entrance and the car park, or between buildings. That means everyone stays dry and warm, or cool and protected from the sun’s most intense rays in a heatwave, while slip-and-trip hazards are reduced.

  • Cycle shelters

Many staff and some patients will appreciate being able to get to a local hospital on two wheels rather than four. With a cycle shelter, you encourage sustainable travel while providing somewhere secure for people to store their bikes.

  • Ambulance shelters

You can also fit robust, low-maintenance shelters over ambulance loading bays. Again, this offers protection from the worst of the weather as people arrive at the hospital, whether they’re patients or staff.

  • Entrance canopies

Another use of a canopy can be to create a covered area at the front of your healthcare building. This will create an excellent first impression as people arrive, and can, for example, be branded for consistency. Apart from anything else, these structures provide somewhere dry to wait for taxis, lifts or maybe public transport outside the main entrance to your hospital.

  • Outdoor spaces for all

Create an outdoor area for staff and maybe some long-term patients where they can enjoy lunches and other breaks outdoors. Overall, this allows staff to relax in a calming setting away from all the hustle and bustle of the hospital. Equally, patients who are able to will love the peace and quiet. After all, the nicer the area, the more likely people are to linger and enjoy getting some fresh air, the benefits of which are well documented.

In particular, there are many advantages for younger patients in playing outside, and under a canopy they can do so safely.

Many healthcare facilities are now adding sensory gardens, fostering a holistic experience and well-being. With a canopy, you can enjoy these outdoor facilities all year round.

Canopies for the healthcare sector from Kensington Systems

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