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Find and download  brochures, data sheets and technical drawings for our Spaceshade® and Solspan® canopies and cycle shelters here.

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Brochures & data sheets

Cycle Shelters

Browse our range of cycle shelters and select the one that meets your needs.

Resources - Velo Cycle Shelter


Download the Velo shelter data sheet here.

Resources - Oslo Cycle Shelter


Download the Oslo shelter data sheet here.


Resources - Soundwell Cycle Shelter


Download the Soundwell shelter data sheet here.

Resources - Stockholm Cycle Shelter


Download the Stockholm shelter data sheet here.


Resources for Architects

Download Spaceshade® Revit files for use in your projects here.

Commercial Walkway Canopies

Spaceshade Lux

Click to download Revit Files for Spaceshade® Lux Canopies.

Spaceshade® Lux Freestanding Canopy

Spaceshade® Lux Wall-Mounted Canopy 


P1002041-2 (2)

Spaceshade Max

Click to download Revit Files for Spaceshade® Max Canopies.

Spaceshade® Max Freestanding Canopy

Spaceshade® Max Wall-Mounted Canopy 


Western Health Canopy 2


Click to download drawings for glass or polycarbonate sidewalls, or Spaceshade® retractable blinds.


Retractable blinds


What's the difference between a wall-mounted and a freestanding canopy?

Wall-Mounted canopies are fixed to the wall of the building (as per the name) and are not self-supporting. When specifying a wall-mounted canopy, it is important to ensure that the wall supporting the structure has adequate fixing grounds in place, for example a steel beam to fix directly to, or solid masonry.

Freestanding canopies are entirely self-supporting and are the most popular choice to specify. We would recommend a freestanding canopy as it is not dependent on support from a building.

Should I specify Spaceshade Lux, or Spaceshade Max? What's the difference?

The canopy you choose to specify depends on the size of canopy required. 

You can use either the Lux or the Max for unsupported projections of up to 4.3m. For projections over 4.3m and up to 6m you will need to specify the Max.

The Max is also able to achieve up to 7m spans between posts (the Lux can achieve up to 5m) which may also determine your choice of product. Overall, the Max is also able to support heavier snow loadings and is more suited to solar panels and would be our recommendation for most applications.

Are the drawings available in formats other than Revit?

We only offer interactive BIM models in Revit as this is what the majority of architects use.

However, CAD files are also available to on request.

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