A New Outdoor Dining Canopy at Sir Frederick Gibberd College, Harlow

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Sir Frederick Gibberd College was a secondary school in Harlow with a common problem – not enough indoor dining space.

Recognizing the importance of providing a comfortable and functional environment for their students during meal times, the college made the strategic decision to partner with Kensington Systems for a transformative solution.

By opting to install a spacious 24m x 12m dining canopy within their courtyard, Sir Frederick Gibberd College not only addressed the issue of overcrowding indoors but also created a versatile outdoor dining area. The impressive size of the canopy, covering over 500 sqm, ensures that students can enjoy their meals in a safe and sheltered environment, shielded from the elements.

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Moreover, the location of the canopy within the courtyard allows for easy access to the college's catering pod, promoting efficiency and convenience for both students and staff.

As part of this project, extensive groundworks were undertaken, including the replacement of a grassed area with durable block paving, the installation of efficient drainage channels, and the relocation of a lamp post - all seamlessly coordinated by Kensington Systems.

Through their comprehensive project management approach, we provided Sir Frederick Gibberd College with a hassle-free experience, offering a single point of contact throughout the entire process. The new dining canopy has not only alleviated the dining space constraints faced by the college but has also enhanced the overall campus environment, creating a welcoming and functional space for students to enjoy their meals comfortably.

Update: since the time of writing the school building has unfortunately been condemned due to structural faults, and the school is currently operating in temporary classrooms until a new school is built. Once the new building is complete, the canopy will be taken down and rebuilt in a new location.