School Dining Canopy at Joseph Leckie Academy, Walsall

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Joseph Leckie Academy, a high-performing, Ofsted rated ‘Good’ School in Walsall, West Midlands, needed more dining space for its pupils. The existing dining space was so constrained the school had implemented staggered lunch times for different year groups in order to cope.

They contacted Kensington Systems to install a new outdoor dining canopy in a courtyard. The new school dining canopy at Joseph Leckie Academy not only provides much-needed space for students to enjoy their meals comfortably but also creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere in the courtyard. With the addition of side walls and heaters, the canopy offers protection from the elements, allowing students to eat outside all year round. The inclusion of picnic tables further enhances the space, providing a communal area for students to socialize and enjoy their meals together.

Side Walls
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Side Walls
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With a Spaceshade school dining canopy, the school has found a cost-effective solution to their constricted dining space, avoiding the need to construct a new dining hall. The innovative design and functionality of the canopy not only meet the school's practical needs but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the campus. Joseph Leckie Academy can now offer its students a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience, enhancing their overall school environment.