Ruth Gorse Academy – Spaceshade Outdoor Dining Canopy

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Products: 1 Spaceshade Max School Dining Canopy
Sector: Education
Location: Leeds

Ruth Gorse Academy in Leeds needed to increase its dining capacity but did not have the time and budget to build a dining extension.

The solution was a Spaceshade outdoor dining canopy, which provides an additional 140sqm of dining space to relieve pressure on indoor facilities. 

In addition, the school chose to install weatherproof retractable blinds, which provide ultimate flexibility; in good weather, the blinds can be raised, allowing students to enjoy the fresh air; in bad weather, or in winter, the blinds are lowered to keep them dry while eating lunch. 

Easily operated via a remote control or app, the blinds also feature clear vision panels, allowing additional light in and providing a view to the outside.

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