A New Outdoor Learning Canopy and Shade Sail at Aldwickbury School

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Aldwickbury School, located in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, is am independent school renowned for providing a top-tier preparatory education for boys.

However, one challenge they faced was the limited use of their pre-prep playground, which was covered in muddy grass, rendering it unusable during the wet and cold winter months. This restriction meant that the students could only enjoy outdoor activities for half of the year, missing out on valuable play and learning opportunities.

To overcome this, Aldwickbury School partnered with Kensington Systems to revamp their outdoor space. The innovative solution involved installing a high-quality Spaceshade canopy and shade sail above the play area, along with replacing the muddy grass with durable astro turf. This transformation not only provided a sheltered and versatile environment for the boys to enjoy year-round but also enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the playground.


Kensington Systems took charge of the entire project, managing everything from the groundworks and astroturf installation to mounting the canopy and shade sail, and even adding post protectors at the client's request. The successful collaboration between Aldwickbury School and Kensington Systems resulted in a revitalized outdoor space that now serves as a hub for fun, learning, and creativity for the students.

'Kensington Systems were outstanding from start to finish! Laurie and the team kept us informed throughout the project and worked at speed to complete the job within our time frames. We now have a space that is used all year round, which brings the outside in, on our wonderful site. The area has transformed teaching and learning opportunities and most importantly further strengthened friendships made through play and outdoor learning!' - Paul Symes, Headmaster

'What an addition to our School and a great place for the boys to play and learn - thanks to all at Kensington Systems.' - Ianek McLaughlin, Bursar

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