How Solar Canopies Save Money for Your School

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Recent surveys have found that cost-cutting incentives can save an average of £10k for schools each year. With budget cuts coming through from governments, rises in energy costs and increases in the number of pupils all increasing financial strain, schools are looking for ways to save money in any way possible.

Solar canopies are structures designed to offer shelter whilst also capturing UV rays to generate electricity. These sustainable solutions consist of a series of solar panels mounted on a school canopy designed to be used for anything from dining to outdoor learning. As they offer an effective way to generate clean, renewable energy, they offer many financial benefits to schools and other establishments. 

In this blog, we provide a rundown of how schools can save valuable pounds by installing a solar canopy. 

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How Can Solar Canopies Save a School Money?

If your establishment is currently going through the process of securing finances to install a solar canopy, the costs can be quickly recouped. Depending on the size of the array, solar canopies offer good ROI through the effective cost-saving benefits on offer all year round. These are as follows:

Reduction in Energy Costs

Solar panels can save hundreds  or thousands of pounds in electricity costs annually, which benefits schools by cutting back on one of their main expenses. Whether heating an old building or having a large building full of electrical devices, the cost savings solar panels offer are very beneficial. Solar panels can also nearly always produce electricity, even on cloudy days, as UV rays offer an energy source. This means that even in the winter electricity can be generated, helping to offset increased demand.

Insurance Benefits

Some insurance costs or even bursaries may be positively influenced by the use of solar panels onsite for schools. Being mindful of the environment is looked on favourably by many insurance companies, and cost savings may be offered as a reward for the commitmentment to positive change

Extra Covered Space

Finally, solar canopies not only provide additional solar capacity but also useful covered space for pupils and staff to make use of, whether that’s as a dining canopy to relieve capacity on indoor dining space, a playground shelter for outdoor learning or a walkway to keep students safe and dry as they move around the school. 

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Energy Production for Extra Revenue

Solar canopies could even generate extra revenue for schools, for example by adding electric charging points for cars. A school could sell the electricity generated back to the local community, creating extra income for the school.

What Options Are Available for Solar Canopies?

Solar canopies come in a variety of styles allowing schools to design the perfect installation for their needs. From modern to traditional finishes, we can create a bespoke canopy design perfect for your needs. Not only will you benefit from having a sleek canopy, but also a financial saving that keeps providing cost advantages for years to come. 

Case Study: Three Peaks Academy

Three Peaks Academy in Tamworth, West Midlands, had an existing canopy in one of their playground areas that was no longer fit for purpose. Rather than a standard canopy, they opted to replace it with a new, larger Spaceshade canopy with 100m2 of solar panels installed on top.

While the initial installation cost more than a straightforward replacement, the new solar canopy is projected to save them thousands of pounds in energy bills and around three tonnes of carbon per year.

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