Saving Money and Energy: How a Solar School Canopy Benefits Three Peaks Academy

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Three Peaks Academy is an Ofsted-rated 'Good' primary school in Wilnecote, Tamworth. 

Belonging to Creative Education Trust, the school needed more covered space in its playground; and the trust was keen to do something to reduce the school's carbon impact while saving money long-term.

They worked with Kensington Systems to install a Spaceshade® canopy with  fifty solar panels installed on top. Easy to access and keep clean, the new solar array will save the school thousands of pounds in electricity bills every year, freeing up money to spend in other areas. 

Spaceshade solar panel school canopy
Kensington Systems solar panel school canopy
Spaceshade solar panel school canopy
Underside of solar canopy for schools
School canopy with solar panels
Installation of solar panels on school canopy
Kensington Systems solar panels canopies for schools
Underside of solar panel playground canopy

In addition, the renewable energy generated by the new solar canopy will reduce the school's carbon footprint by around three tonnes, contributing towards Creative Academy Trust's Net Zero goals.

The school now has a new playground canopy providing over 108m² of covered space, which can be used for outdoor learning and play as well as providing a source of electricity.

In cases where a rooftop solar installation is not possible, a solar canopy offers a viable alternative, providing schools a way to further reduce energy costs and become more self-sufficient. 

Kensington System's Spaceshade® canopies are designed to accommodate the necessary loadings for solar canopies while maintaining structural integrity. We look after the whole process for you, from initial concept to canopy and solar panel installation, including electrical connections to the school's main supply by our experienced and highly qualified electricians.

Are you looking for a way to cut energy bills while also increasing your outdoor space? Find out more about our solar canopies for schools today.