What are Solar Canopies and What are Their Benefits?

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In 2022, Solar energy accounted for 4.5% of global electricity generation. When you think about the scale that represents; it’s an impressive statistic.

Solar offers opportunities for many people, from home cost-savings to energy-efficient business premises. Keep reading to learn how schools and education institutes can integrate solar energy into their canopy solutions.

What Are Solar Panel Canopy Structures??

Solar canopies are a modern, energy-efficient take on traditional canopy solutions for schools and businesses.

As the name suggests, they are robust canopies with solar panels fitted to the roof or designs with a solar glass roof, which has solar PV modules laminated into it. Both solutions allow energy to be generated whilst students are protected.

You cannot just place solar technology on top of any structure. Solar panels and solar glass are heavy and require a strong structure to support them. Our solar canopies (including the Spaceshade® range) are robustly constructed and designed to safely accommodate solar panels. This also factors additional weight that may be caused by weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, high winds or snow.

These are the perfect solutions for schools and businesses looking to invest in their premises while decarbonising their estate and generating a return on investment.

How Do Solar Panels on Canopies Work?

A solar canopy works in the same way that solar technology would normally work. The only difference is that the structure they are sitting in is separate from the rest of the building.

Solar cells are connected to the building’s power supply via an inverter.

The electricity generated can then be used for the buildings’ own energy needs, or anything from charging staff electric vehicles, filling stored batteries for later use or to feed back into the grid via the Smart Export Guarantee scheme.

Solar energy can be gained through any form of UV exposure, offering a way to generate electricity all year.

What Benefits Do Solar Canopies Offer?

Cost savings are not the only benefits to choosing a solar canopy. The other advantages include the following:

  • Solar canopies can be used in many different ways not just for schools but also commercial buildings and logistics sites. This includes walkways, carports, playground and dining shelters plus additional working and/or teaching space.
  • A reduced carbon impact as more energy is coming from renewable sources instead of traditional grid methods. This also reduces the cost of running buildings.
  • When used in a school setting, solar canopies offer a way to educate the pupils by teaching them first-hand about the benefits of renewable energy. This inspires the next generation in a brilliant way.
  • They can be used for buildings of any age, size and location making them an efficient, universal solution.
  • Protection from spikes in energy costs.
  • Solar canopies also offer a potential high-profit revenue stream if you choose to sell the electricity that you produce.
  • Solar canopies also offer a way to expand the solar footprint on the site if the roofs of buildings are not suitable or not orientated correctly for solar panels

Are You Looking For A Solar Carport or School Canopy?

At Kensington Systems, we offer a solar PV canopy which can be created in different configurations depending on your needs.

Our team can advise on all stages of the installation and configuration process as well as letting you know the ways to get the best ROI from your investment. To learn more, visit our webpage or contact us today.