Saint Joseph’s Primary School - Spaceshade Canopy Installation

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Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Bristol recognized the need for additional covered space to enhance their outdoor facilities for the staff and children. Partnering with local building surveyors, Hookway Partnership, we were able to seamlessly install three school canopies, creating versatile areas for outdoor dining, covered playground activities, and outdoor learning sessions.

The introduction of these canopies not only offers protection from varying weather conditions but also provides a stimulating environment for the students to enjoy throughout the year.

In addition to the canopy installations, our team took care of all the necessary groundworks, from laying foundations to waste disposal and resurfacing. This comprehensive approach ensured that the school had a hassle-free experience, allowing them to focus on utilizing the new covered spaces for various activities. The result is a vibrant and functional outdoor area that promotes engagement, creativity, and enjoyment for all at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

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