Playground Canopies at Royal Docks Academy, London

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London School in Need of More Outdoor Space

Royal Docks is an inclusive education establishment first established in 1999. This school offers traditional secondary education and specialises in teaching children with profound and severe learning difficulties, meaning that the facilities are equally diverse.

The wide range of student needs meant that this Newham-based school wanted to enhance their usable outdoor space. Known for their high levels of excellence due to their long-standing positive pupil experience and alignment with the Burnt Mill Academy Trust, nothing short of perfect would do for this well-renowned academy.

What Was the Request?

The special education programme that Royal Docks Academy offers is well-renowned within the local and wider-reaching area. A covered outdoor space was needed to allow for year-round education outside of the classroom to expand the facilities available for those students further.

The UK Government’s Special Educational Needs Code of Practice states that play should be a key component of tailored education plans for students with defined needs. To meet this criterion, the school already have interactive outdoor equipment, which the new canopy would allow consistent access too.

Canopy for wheelchair swing
Spaceshade Canopy
Spaceshade canopy
Spaceshade playground canopy
Spaceshade playground canopy
Royal Docks Academy with Spaceshade canopy

The Solution? A School Canopy for all Seasons

The Spaceshade Lux and Max aluminium canopies were installed in the playground and over the play equipment to provide ample coverage. This means that specialist outdoor facilities, including wheelchair swings, can be used regardless of British weather conditions.

Furthermore, thanks to the built-in downpipes, robust guttering, and durable roof, all intensified safety requirements for children with special needs were easily met. As well as ticking all the specification boxes, Royal Docks chose this solution as it provided a look which seamlessly blended with the existing building design. Foam post protectors were also added for increased safety.

Another vital part of the canopy installation was ensuring that the groundwork and building did not pose any risks to the students. To mitigate any issues, Kensington Systems project managed all elements and fully restored the rubber crumb surface once the installation was complete.

Why Did Royal Docks Academy Choose Kensington Systems?

Royal Docks is proud to offer such a diverse programme of education which is centred on pupil happiness and safety at its core.

When looking for a provider of canopies for schools, they wanted to ensure that the enhanced levels of safety would be accounted for within the winning specification. To meet these needs, we fine-tuned every detail, concealing all fixings, leaving snag-free finishes, and using environmentally friendly materials. We also used highly durable 8mm solid polycarbonate roof sheets to ensure that no matter what force the canopy is subjected to, it will not break and pose a risk.

Kensington Systems are also proud to have worked with the Burnt Mill Academy Trust previously, which is another reason that our long-lasting product was selected.

As with all our projects, we also worked closely with the Royal Docks team, taking time to understand the school’s requirements in detail so that every finishing touch was perfect for their needs.

Do You Want to Enhance Student Experience?

Whether you are a fellow provider of dedicated education for special needs pupils or want to improve outdoor areas within a different educational establishment, a school canopy is a brilliant solution.

To learn more, you can view our Spaceshade canopy range here or contact us today.