Covered Walkway Canopies Connect Old and New at Dene Magna School

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Dene Magna School in Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, had a new teaching block built, and as part of the works required new covered walkways to connect the old and new parts of the school. 

The school wanted a continuous walkway installed to provide total weather protection, but had a challenge in the form of a sloping path, making the installation of a canopy more difficult.

Using our Spaceshade canopy system we were able to overcome this challenge with a stepped design. A wall-mounted canopy was installed against the building, overlapping with a freestanding unit at a higher level to accommodate the change in levels between the buildings.

The new Spaceshade canopies give the original school a contemporary facelift and are easy to maintain thanks to the concealed gutters and downpipes, and non-fragile roof.

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