6 Benefits of a School Dining Canopy

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Educational establishments across the country are working on improving dining experiences for pupils. Outdoor dining canopies are an ideal solution when there is insufficient room within a school building to run an efficient break or lunchtime.
These versatile structures come in a range of sizes, designs, and specifications to offer a multi-use space that improves student experiences. They can also blend seamlessly into a building's design, allowing schools to maintain the existing ambience of a space. 
Keep reading to find out our top six benefits of choosing a dining canopy for a school.

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Advantages Of A School Dining Canopy

A very practical solution to overcrowding, these benefits available to any school who invests in a dining canopy solution:

Reduce Indoor Congestion 

Many schools tend to look at a dining canopy when interior spaces cannot accommodate all children. If a dining area is too small, or you have an influx of students to contend with, an outdoor dining canopy is a great idea for schools

If space allows, they can also be seamlessly attached to existing buildings, extending existing dining areas. This is ideal as it means the logistics of cooking and serving lunch don’t have to change. 

Avoid Staggered Lunch Breaks

Does your school have to stagger breaks due to a lack of space? This is a common theme for many, but it negatively impacts student experience and team operations. By incorporating more space, pupils feel more relaxed, do not have to rush to eat during their slot and can interact with more of their peers.

Furthermore, fewer staff are required to supervise, allowing resources to be used more efficiently. 

Outdoor dining space allows more students to be catered to at once while still allowing the school to segment seating if it wishes.

Improved Student Interaction

Many studies have found that increasing social interactions at school can improve the performance for disadvantaged students. Furthermore, this also enhances the overall experience for other pupils. A dining canopy encourages children to eat and socialise together which aids their overall emotional development. 

Increase School Capacity

A component of offering more space is ensuring that each child has adequate room for dining activities. Using an outdoor dining canopy helps schools offer more places, resulting in higher government funding and an improved image. This also means pupils can attend schools within their catchment areas and avoid long commutes. 

Suitable For Different Uses

Selecting a school dining canopy doesn’t just benefit break times but also other activities, as it’s essentially a versatile covered space that can be used for any activities. This could be PE lessons during wet weather, learning opportunities or even extra-curricular clubs

Many different designs are available, with windows, walls, and door options, to allow schools to create a bespoke solution that can suit a multitude of functions. There are also many other benefits of having multi-use canopies which allow schools to get creative with available space.

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Increase Trust Funding

An increased student intake means that more funding is available for a school. This means that in addition to enhancing the student experience, the money can be used to enhance other areas such as staffing or equipment. This money can also be used to offset the cost of investing in a school dining canopy, allowing schools to achieve a measurable return on investment.

Why Choose A School Dining Canopy From Kensington Systems?

As experts in designing and building school dining canopies, we have already helped many schools across the UK install these versatile solutions. 

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