Multi-Use All-Weather Canopies - Canopies For Schools

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The benefits of canopies in schools and other educational settings are well documented, yet these structures can really come into their own when the mercury dips.

And while the advantages of outdoor learning are, well known, the depths of winter can bring multiple challenges. (And, at the time of writing, the 23-24 winter has certainly made its presence felt. As early as October, weather experts were predicting an El Niño weather pattern. This is when sea surface temperature warms every few years, and previous years like that have meant colder UK winters.)

Quite apart from the lower temperatures, teachers have limited daylight and poor weather to contend with. These pose potential safety issues, and may limit the kinds of activities you can do.

And, clearly, if pupils are feeling uncomfortable because of the weather, their levels of enthusiasm and engagement with learning will start to drop off. Equally, many schools may simply not have the infrastructure to deal with outdoor learning in winter.

How A Canopy Can Help In Various Weather Conditions

School canopies mean students can eat and have classes outside all year long, with protection for staff and students from the elements.

Not only does a canopy provide a protective barrier against cold, sleet, rain and snow, so that everyone remains warm, dry and comfortable, but you also eliminate the risk of falling on a slippery surface.

These structures also mean you have a dry, safe environment in which to enjoy a range of activities from dining and social time, to science experiments to creative writing and games, and incorporate outdoor learning across the curriculum whatever the weather, especially creative or hands-on work.

With the option to install solar panels on the roof, canopies can contribute to environmental goals while also providing an extra gathering space for extra-curricular or social events.

Canopy Design Considerations

A fully enclosed canopy provides great protection from the weather cost-effectively. Glass or polycarbonate side walls and doors keep the interior light and bright while keeping wind and weather out. And adding solar panels on the roof helps to bring down your energy bills.

Remember you can also have lighting and heating in your canopy, for even greater comfort.

We can also take care of the building regulations an enclosed canopy requires, and any planning permission you might need.

Get Your Spaceshade Canopy Installed By Us

Kensington Systems has canopies to protect your pupils in all weathers. With our Spaceshade® enclosed canopies, for example, suitable for schools and commercial sites, you can incorporate toughened glass, impact-resistant polycarbonate and wind-resistant motorised blinds, all contributing to create a robust, weather-proof outdoor space.

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