Reasons To Choose Our Exclusive Spaceshade® Canopies

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With our Spaceshade® range of canopies, you can maximise your outdoor space, whether you’re a school, commercial business or a public facility like a hospital or leisure centre.

All our canopies are designed to last, offering high quality and sustainable, affordable solutions for creating covered spaces for many years to come.

Spaceshade® Features And Benefits:

  • Appearance

These models have a sleek, contemporary look to enhance the appearance of the exterior of your premises. This is enhanced by the concealed gutters and downpipes, all of which are fully integrated into the frame of the canopy.

  • Crafted from quality materials

Spaceshade® canopies are made from aluminium, which in itself offers a number of distinct advantages, and it’s no wonder this material is such a popular choice for canopies. After all, it’s robust and strong yet hardwearing and very long-lasting. What’s more, because it can be recycled, it’s a highly sustainable metal.

In addition, it’s low-maintenance, non-toxic, fire-resistant, and can be finished in a number of different ways.

  • Safety first

Spaceshade® canopies are designed with a number of safety features, making them ideal for environments like schools or healthcare.

These specific features include:

  • Roofs which are certified as being non-fragile – a fragile roof is one which is unable to support the weight of a person and any material they may be carrying. Ours are certified to Class A or B ACR[M]:001 2014. This means that the roof sustains little, if any damage from impact when tested.
  • There are no potentially dangerous exposed bolts, rivets or other fixings.
  • Concealed gutters and downpipes keep them protected but also stops them being used as a climbing aid.

  • Multi-purpose

In educational settings, from nurseries through to universities, these structures can be used as walkways, for outdoor learning or as dining canopies. Alternatively, an enclosed Spaceshade® with side walls provides shelter whatever the weather.

In healthcare environments, there is similar variety, with entrance and walkway canopies plus anti-ligature units, suitable for a high-risk setting such as a mental health facility.

For a sports facility, gutters and downpipes can be protected from flying balls or other sports equipment. In commercial or business environments, there is the same versatility and flexibility.

  • Solar ready

Spaceshade® canopies are designed to be ready to have solar panels either retrospectively or immediately fitted.

  • Fast to install

The modular design of our Spaceshade® structures means you don’t need any heavy equipment for installation. It’s also ideal for constrained or hard to access areas like courtyards.

How Does Spaceshade® Compare With Similar Products?

Generally, most similar products won’t have integrated gutters and downpipes, and only some may have a non-fragile roof rating.

The Spaceshade® system is also unique as the only canopy currently designed to support solar panels on the roof. When it comes to hidden fixings such as bolts and rivets, this can vary with other aluminium canopies, but you won’t get this feature with steel ones.

Spaceshade® structures cover large spans with fewer posts, and have a life expectancy of at least 25 years (for the framework). These benefits are also available with other steel and aluminium products.

Another reason to choose Spaceshade® is the end to end project management we offer, giving you a single point of contact and peace of mind. Our team will manage the entire project from start to finish, so we’ll be with you every step of the way. And, if you’re a school, rest assured that our staff are fully DBS-checked.

Get in touch today to learn more about how a Spaceshade® canopy could transform your site, and for a free site survey.