The Versatile Uses and Enriching Benefits of School Canopies

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School is an enriching experience for students and the addition of a canopy can make it all the more fulfilling. Many schools in the UK have opted to embrace the use of canopies because the shelters help provide social, all-weather learning spaces. According to the experts from HeadTeacher Update, canopies are especially popular in primary learning centres due to Ofsted’s expectation that children should have access to the outdoors and enjoy activities outside.

If you’re planning to install a canopy within your school grounds, here are the various opportunities that they can bring to your institution.

Canopies as Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor shelters for schools can act as secondary classrooms, providing more space and the chance for students to do things that they can’t within a confined classroom environment. For instance, an outdoor classroom allows creative and messy art projects or activities with noisy musical instruments.

Outdoor activities also enable students to interact with nature and engage with other students who they don’t normally sit next to.

Playground Canopies

Some of the best school playgrounds earn their distinction because they offer protected areas where students can rest during playtime. These shelters protect children from sun exposure and rainy weather, sustaining longer stretches of fun and safe play.

Additionally, if you install a canopy over your playground equipment, you can add to your playground’s service life by minimising sun damage and reducing the need for costly repair or maintenance. Plastic structures are especially prone to weaken and crack while metal brackets can corrode over time. The canopy will help protect your playground equipment, making them more resistant to the elements.

Walkway Canopies

Few schools have the luxury of having all the classrooms and other facilities in one building. Often, there is a multitude of buildings spread around a large site. Movement around a school between classes can be chaotic even on pleasant sunny days but during heavy downpours, there can be chaos and mad dashes as students run for cover. This can result in slips, trips and collisions.

With a covered walkway, you can ensure that movement around your school is safe and sensible, no matter the weather. Students won’t have to run during rainy days and visitors will also travel more comfortably around your school grounds. Parents will also be assured of their children’s safety during bad weather conditions.

Bicycle Shelter

If you have a lot of students who live nearby and bike to school, canopies can act as bicycle shelters. By providing your pupils with safe and secure cycling park facilities, you provide their parents with the confidence that their children’s bikes are away from the threat of theft and vandalism. Bicycle shelters also protect bikes from the rain, helping eliminate the possibility of students cycling home with a wet seat.

If you need guidance on installing the right bicycle shelter for your school, we have an article that talks about the four mistakes to avoid when choosing and installing one.

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