How Urban Schools Can Redesign their Outdoor Areas for Learning

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Despite knowledge of the benefits of outdoor learning, numerous urban schools are challenged with the lack of green spaces in their area. So what do you do if your school does not have access to natural spaces?

Bring Nature to You

Like the ‘My Wild Street’ project in Bristol, you can create mini gardens that attract wildlife. If your school only has concrete grounds, you can bring nature to your school with vertical gardens or other forms of urban gardens.

Having bird feeders and bug hotels are great ways to introduce your students to small members of the animal kingdom, creating an opportunity for them to appreciate nature.

Bring the Indoors to the Outdoors

Since concrete grounds are uncomfortable, you can optimise the opportunity for learning outdoors by making your space as conducive to learning as your indoor facilities.

Outdoor canopies for schools provide students and teachers shelter from the elements. Teachers can comfortably instruct their students while the children won’t be distracted by rain, wind or too much sunlight.

Having outdoor storage for instructional materials also help teachers easily store and access whatever they need for their outdoor classrooms.

Kensington’s Outdoor Learning Solutions

Kensington Systems offers solutions to help you revamp your school’s outdoor areas. Our number one modular school canopy, Spaceshade, provides an outdoor learning environment for all schools.

As it is modular, schools do not incur expensive engineering and fabrication costs that usually come with putting up heavy-duty canopies. Our canopies allow control of light levels, have a snow-loading capacity of 65 kg and have a drainage system. They are very low-maintenance, come with a ten-year warranty and have a service life expectancy of 25 years.

Schools can choose to have lighting and heaters installed to extend the functionality of the canopy through the colder seasons.

Kensington Systems has helped numerous schools optimise their concrete grounds for outdoor learning. Contact us today for your free outdoor learning space consultation.

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