Five Benefits Of An Aluminium Canopy

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School canopies create additional, alternative spaces for learning, play and other activities (including storage) at your premises. They can also provide somewhere for pupils to have lunch, or offer shelter for parents waiting to collect their children when it’s wet.

And if you hadn’t considered this before, an aluminium canopy in particular offers your school a number of great benefits.

Here, we consider some of the key advantages of using this versatile material for your structure.

  • It’s lightweight yet strong

Aluminium tips the scales at less than a third of the weight of steel. So it’s considered one of the most efficient materials in construction. Despite being light, however, this metal is also incredibly strong, and highly capable of withstanding anything the British weather throws at it. Because it is lightweight and can be put together on site, access to your school is a lot easier than using large cranes for pre-fabricated steel structures.

  • It’s durable

Aluminium stays at its smart-looking best for longer than most comparable products. So there’s less maintenance but, equally, aluminium needs replacing less frequently than other materials, so you save twice over. An aluminium canopy will see your school through a good number of academic years.

  • It doesn’t rust

Aluminium is an ideal metal for an outdoor structure as it does not react when exposed to air or moisture and, unlike other alternatives like steel, won’t corrode or rot over time. This makes it a very low maintenance. It’s paintable too, in a range of colours to complement your school branding,

  • You can recycle it

Aluminium can be recycled not just once but several times. So as long as you recycle it properly, there’s no reason for it ever to end up in landfill. As schools become increasingly aware of how their choices affect the environment, aluminium is a sustainable and long-lasting choice.

  • Integral drainage

With drains built into the actual structure of  the aluminium frame, it not only looks neat, but improves safety as there aren’t any exposed parts that could get knocked by pupils. It also helps with ongoing maintenance as there are less parts attached such as traditional plastic guttering.

Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that aluminium is increasingly a serious rival to steel in structures like canopies, thanks to its innovative low maintenance design, good looks and long-term durability.

Talk to us in more detail about the benefits of an aluminium canopy for your site.

An aluminium canopy for a school