How a School Canopy can Help You Continue Outdoor Learning in the Autumn Term

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In the blink of an eye, the summer holidays are over in the UK, and students are now getting into autumn term studies. Now that the leaves are starting to turn stunning shades of amber, the days are drawing in and temperatures are fluctuating, teachers may feel that outdoor learning can’t be included in lessons like they could in the summer months.

However, with it being reported that students can benefit from a 20% increase in attitudes to study when allowed to learn outside, it is clear just how important outdoor learning is.

At Kensington Systems, we specialise in creating outdoor learning environments that can be used year-round. Keep reading if you want to know the top tips for maintaining an outdoor element of students learning into the Autumn term.

Why Is Outdoor Learning Important?

Just because the days may be a little less inviting outside doesn’t mean that students should just be cooped up indoors. In fact, children of all ages love learning outside which the following benefits represent:

  • 88% of teachers say that children are happier when they can learn outside. When they are happy, they are more likely to accept and retain information and benefit from the social skills that outdoor learning promotes.
  • Fresh air is also essential for improving concentration, with as much of a 15% improvement being noticed when children can learn outside.
  • Outdoor learning also helps to connect children with the outdoors, which is imperative for teaching valuable lessons about the world around us and promoting topics such as geography and sustainability.
  • Being outside also promotes more physical activity, ideal for building muscle mass, enhancing strength and improving dexterity skills.
  • Outdoor lessons also support teachers as they provide a different environment where sessions can be taught, especially for pupils who do not learn best in the classroom. It means everyone gets an equal opportunity to learn in an environment that suits their needs.

Ways to Keep Outdoor Learning on the Curriculum During the Autumn Term:

As temperatures change and the cosy warmth of the classroom can be extra appealing, where possible, outdoor learning should still be on the curriculum during the Autumn term. The unpredictable UK weather means that we tend to have some nice days during this period, but you can also adopt methods to ensure that even Mother Nature doesn’t get in the way of a diverse lesson plan.

Choose an Outdoor Canopy For Teaching

Investing in a school canopy is a great way to keep outdoor lessons going through the Autumn term. Features like optional side walls, heating and lighting can help make it more comfortable as the temperature gets colder.

Available in many forms, these robust structures mean you can benefit from weather protection all year. They are also affordable, can be bespoke to your needs, and offer enhanced safety features like integrated downpipes, gutters and a non-fragile roof.

Our outdoor learning pods are another, freestanding solution that can be positioned anywhere on the school grounds as they integrate weather protection, workspace and seating. They are also made from long-lasting wood, offering a low-maintenance solution for outdoor lessons. If you want to extend a school building with a covered space, other ideal options include walkway canopies, solar PV canopies, enclosed canopies and timber plus canopies.

These spaces are also diverse, allowing both learning and play to take place, offering improvements all around for pupils.

Plan Lessons That Can Take Place In All Weather Conditions

Make sure that when you have planned outdoor learning, it can occur regardless of the weather. This could be ensuring you have a covered space to protect from the rain or having a few different ways to learn that involve spending a lot of time outside.

Provide Covered Play Spaces

Incorporating a canopy designed for break times, such as our shade sails, is another method of keeping outdoor learning going during the Autumn term. It means you have an option that can be used in all weathers and lessons can quickly be taken outdoors if the conditions and topic suits.

Choose Kensington Systems for School Canopies

A sturdy school canopy is very helpful for keeping outdoor learning going through the Autumn term and even beyond if the weather suits.

With students benefiting from being outside, your school will be represented best with this investment as pupil experience, and results account for a lot. Contact us today to find out more or discuss the options suitable for your school.

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