Is it possible to extend your school at quarter of the cost of bricks & mortar?

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Learning and play space in schools is always at a premium; with student numbers constantly on the increase schools are crying out for more space, whether that be teaching, recreation or dining space.

So what is the answer, maybe you have considered getting in the builders and constructing a new classroom block or dining hall then dropped it like a hot potato when the quotes roll in and continue thinking those ‘if only’ thoughts.

The solution couldn’t be simpler, many schools (read our latest case studies here) are creating that extra square footage by simply installing a Spaceshade™ school canopy system on to their existing school buildings.  You say well, that doesn’t protect from the elements, however with the school canopies incorporating a Spaceshade™ Enclosascreen retractable motorised screens with large clear vision panels what better place to take your students for a lesson or free up an overcrowded eating area at lunchtime?

There are many added benefits to a solution of this nature, such as the flexibility of opening the area up during the warmer months and creating an outdoor learning facility all at the touch of a button.

Typically building conventional style extensions can cost anything up to £2000/square metre, so a single-storey extension of say 150 SQM’s would dent the bank balance by up to a hefty 300K depending on a host of factors.

What if I told you that you could create an enclosed area of 150 SQM’s using a Spaceshade™ school canopy system for a quarter of this cost, wouldn’t you be interested? See some more school dining canopy examples or  Contact us for your free space consultation from one of our experts.

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