Playground Shelter Ideas

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Creating engaging playground areas that meet health and safety requirements can be complex, especially when choosing new structures. The benefit of selecting a school-ready canopy is that you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your pupils will have access to the best facilities.

Have you clicked on this blog as you need some inspiration for achieving a brilliant playground shelter set-up? If so, keep on reading!

Why Use Playground Shelters?

One of the main reasons for choosing a playground shelter is that you can use it all year long for various uses. Playground shelters are versatile and can provide shade, play spaces and outdoor learning areas. Being outdoors benefits students as fresh air improves concentration and memory.

Some schools may also choose to install a playground shelter as it helps to alleviate overcrowding. These spaces can be used as dining areas, teaching spaces, or just relaxation areas to ensure that all students have the space that they need.

Playground shelters offer an affordable way to extend your building without costly extensions. They also come in various forms and can be fitted even if the space is an unusual size or shape.

What Types of Playground School Canopy Products Can I Choose From?

Aluminium Canopy:

One of our most popular forms of canopies is our aluminium structures. These robust and hardy canopies offer a modern, highly durable look thanks to the low-maintenance design and corrosion-resistant materials.

They also offer a 25-year guarantee, which provides peace of mind for your new investment and are available in various colours. The roof materials can also be chosen depending on your project need, as the options include coloured polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate and glass. Not only that, but aluminium is fully recyclable.

Timber Canopy

If a more rustic and natural look canopy is what you desire, our timber canopies are a brilliant option.

Available in either Glulam or treated timber, these structures will last well if regularly maintained. They can also be stained in different colours to match the existing building and offer the option of having seating built into the parameter. Timber is also an environmentally friendly option when sustainably sourced, meaning that choosing one of these versatile structures helps to reduce your carbon impact as well.

Shade Sails & Umbrellas

For younger ones, shade sails and umbrellas are brilliant options for something vibrant and fun.

Made from waterproof outdoor fabric that has been tethered securely to create a sail-like structure, they provide outdoor protection at an affordable price. To help match the canopy to your building, the posts can be made from timber or fabric, and sails can also be offered in various colours.

While they do not offer the same level of outdoor weather protection as an aluminium or timber canopy, they still allow some shade when needed to make for safe and comfortable outdoor play time.

Learning Pods

Should you be limited with space, a compact learning pod could be the solution you require.

These school canopies offer a way to engage pupils with a specifically designed outdoor space which offers both play and learning. Depending on your budget, you can also specify them as basic structures or more advanced with the addition of walls, seating and lighting.

Is a Playground Shelter Ideal for Your School?

As we have demonstrated, choosing to install a playground shelter can greatly enhance a space. As well as the options available allowing you versatility, you can rest assured in knowing that there is an option available for every budget.

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