Forest School Shelter Ideas

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Now that the children have returned to school for the new academic year, teachers are considering ways they can best engage their pupils. One method that has proven successful is outdoor learning. 88% of teachers say children are more engaged when taking outdoor lessons. 92% of pupils also agree with this sentiment, saying they enjoy outdoor learning sessions the most.

Forest Schools are just one example of how school canopies can achieve educational and protected locations for teaching in the great outdoors. Keep reading to find out our top ideas for introducing canopies into Forest Schools, which can also be adopted by different education establishments looking to make the most out of available exterior space.

What Is a Forest School?

The official definition from the Forest School Association website is as follows, “Forest School is a child-centred inspirational learning process that offers opportunities for holistic growth through regular sessions.”

The hands-on approach makes this learning style unique as it integrates many different forms of education with brilliant, proven results. Skills such as problem-solving, physical strength, and risk management are all covered within this immersive teaching style. The intention of Forest Schools is also to help children develop social skills and conscience for the world around them, impacting many other forms of education and development.

With an average increase of 61% in the demand for Forest Schools since 2022 across the UK, this form of learning is only set to increase in popularity over the coming years, meaning choosing the right physical set up now is essential.

What Are the Benefits of Forest Schools?

  • Improve social skills, confidence and general communication levels as the change of environment promotes different forms of engagement.
  • Physical benefits include dexterity, maturity, strength, and general fitness.
  • Mental health benefits also include stress relief and general support, which is important for helping children learn positively as their minds develop.
  • All lessons and teaching programmes have been officially produced and regulated.

School Canopy Shelters for Forest Schools?

Choosing the right outdoor shelter is essential to achieving a holistic and welcoming outdoor teaching space, which is paramount to the success of Forest Schools. We therefore recommend selecting any of the following options:

Outdoor Learning Pods

Ideal for blending into the surrounding landscape thanks to the rustic yet robust wooden frame, these learning pods are perfect for Forest Schools. They offer protection from the elements and integrated seating, meaning many lesson styles can occur.

They are also low maintenance and weather resistant, ideally suited for the great outdoors. Available in various bespoke sizes and designs, you can seamlessly blend these structures into the surrounding area for a learning space that helps students feel even more immersed.

Playground Shade Sails

Another freestanding shelter option for use in Forest School environments is shade sails.

Traditionally created for playground use, they make brilliant weather-protective solutions for outdoor learning environments, as they can be installed anywhere. They are also available in various colours and styles, meaning they can be blended into the surrounding location for subtle addition.

Timber Canopies

Another brilliant option that incorporates materials are our timber canopies. These hardwearing, rustic style canopies are designed to stand the test of time and are made from treated softwood and robust aluminium.

They can be installed stand-alone or against the side of a building, with the first option being ideal for outdoor Forest School environments.

Do You Require an Outdoor Canopy?

You have a better idea now of some of the canopy options available from Kensington Systems that can provide shelter when learning outdoors.

Forest Schools promote an understanding of the world around us thanks to the immersive teaching and locations chosen. By choosing any of these structures, you can elevate student learning potential whilst ensuring that the unpredictable British weather doesn’t wreak havoc on teaching plans.

When you choose our team for your teaching canopy needs, you also benefit from professional consultations, expert groundwork and safety-guaranteed procedures to ensure your new structure is ready to use as soon as possible.

To learn more, contact our team today.

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