Creating solutions to the construction industry’s skill shortage

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Creating solutions to the construction industry’s skill shortage

The Construction industry heavily relies on its labour force more than most other industries, and forms a major sector of the economy in the UK producing revenue of around £90 billion every year.There is currently a welcome upsurge of construction work in this country although this is resulting in workloads rising faster than the worker pool. This can only mean that a massive skill shortage could be looming, with the current situation only looking to get worse through 2017.

Canopy installationIt is estimated that construction contributes a projected 6% of the UK economy, so seeing a longer term solution is becoming a growing concern that isn’t looking to stop in 2017, especially as the call for the more skilled roles becomes greater.With a staggering 22% of the workforce being over 50 and 15% over 60 many construction workers are retiring and this only looks set to increase.

Another factor to be considered is that other industries, where work is more stable and pay levels are more lucrative.

Investment is needed in on-the-job training to develop knowledge as well as ensure that health and safety is remains vital through the whole cycle. Drawing new talent is crucial.


How can Kensington Systems Ltd help?

Combining of subcontract packages

Kensington Systems Ltd installers have a very broad breadth of knowledge enabling them to install everything in our Shade & Shelter range of products from our Commercial window blinds and external roller blind systems to outdoor canopies and cycle shelters.

In 2016 we assisted many main contractors by combining all of the following product ranges, significantly reducing administration time for site staff Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Estimators and site managers.

Kensington Systems products and solutions

  • Fire shutters
  • Window film


Investment in resources

Kensington are investing significant resources in recruiting and training people resources to facilitate the ongoing development and growth of the company. 2016 saw huge growth in our Spaceshade School canopies products with a staggering 64% increase from 2015, we put this increase mainly down to Ofsted recommendations for outdoor learning as well as the recent requirement for schools to provide free school meals to students all this resulting in schools needing more space.

With the most economical way of increasing space being through using Spaceshade school canopies in tandem with Spaceshade Enclosascreen motorised screens to enable schools to create an enclosed area in the more inclement weather.

Our customers can safely use us for all their Shade & Shelter needs in the knowledge that we have the skills and expertise readily available to ensure every project is completed to perfection.

Kensington Systems Ltd are also constantly training our product advisors and surveying teams to enable to us to be providing our clients with up to the minute advice on the latest products available and the most relevant solutions for every requirement.

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