Why You Should Celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day 2018

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Children's wellies for outdoor learning

Are you one of hundreds of schools and over 114,000 children across the UK participating in Outdoor Classroom day on 17 May? 2.3 million children worldwide took part in 2017, of which 580,000 were in the UK. If not, click here to get in on the action!

There’s a reason why there’s a day dedicated to outdoor learning awareness. Outdoor learning is proven to have multiple benefits for children, including,

  • Improved health & motor development
  • Developing significant life skills – problem-solving, creativity and teamwork
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing appreciation and respect for nature.

Being outdoors at an early age also encourages children to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle later in life.

There’s any number of ways you can get children learning outside. Get them hunting for minibeasts, doing maths in chalk on the playground, or growing their own vegetables.

And beat the great British weather by protecting part of your outdoor space with a Kensington canopy or shade sail. Fixed or freestanding, it will protect teachers and students from inclement weather and UV rays, allowing outdoor learning in a sheltered and safe environment, maximising the efficiency of your outdoor space when you can use it all year round.

Check out this article for more information on outdoor learning.

Is Outdoor Classroom Day during your holidays? Don’t worry, it’s also celebrated on 1st November. Spread the word – the goal is to get the maximum number of children involved!

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