3 features to look for on great outdoor space saving design

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Bike shelter

Restricted spaces like courtyards and alleyways are regularly reserved as potential places to implement cycle shelters or storage. This is often prevalent in many built areas and inner city areas where space is always a premium whether it be for residents in new or existing housing areas or whether it be at the place or work this scenario is on the increase specially with the rapid rise in the use of bikes. Where there is a requirement for longer term cycle parking designed for residents it should always covered and lockable to protect the bikes from theft and of course the elements. So what features need to be included to solve this requirement?

Semi vertical bike racks

  1. Lockable sliding gate, there are 2 main types of lockable gate, one being hinged and the other being sliding, the issues that face a hinged gate is that permanent space must always be reserved in front of the storage unit to allow unfettered access to the bikes. A sliding gate design allows lockable cycle storage with a gate that traverses within it’s own footprint
  2. Semi vertical bike racks and a sliding gate is high on the list, why is this? Semi vertical bike racks hold the cycles at an angle up against the wall. This combination is great for minimising the floor space taken up by the bike thus giving more protected space for the cyclist park their bike in adverse conditions, this is an important consideration which is often missed.
  3. Aesthetics, many cycle storage solutions don’t look great often using galvanised mesh clad framework with galvanised roof sheets, although this combination is robust it will stand out like a sore thumb in many locations.A great solution to this is FSC certified cladding on the sides, this offers a great natural look to the cycle storage which blends in easily with most backgrounds along with opal polycarbonate roof sheets allowing natural daylight to flood the interior are a great finishing touch to look out for.

Wooden panels Canopy roof Cycle shelter with lockable sliding gate

Ask about Kensington’s ELK Stockholm Cycle shelter, its ticks all the boxes!


ELK Stockholm Shelter

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