Benefits of School Canopies in Hot Weather

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Playground shelters are a brilliant way of enhancing the outdoor experience that students and staff have. While they mean that spaces are made usable all year round, they are particularly important in the warm months when UV levels are high.

97% of teachers say outdoor play is essential for a child’s academic development. This means making spaces safe when the weather is getting hotter even more essential. Keep reading to discover how school canopies can achieve this and the various benefits.

Walkway Canopies

What Are School Canopies?

School canopies  are outdoor coverings which allow usable space to be extended. Often made from aluminium, timber or steel, they can be used as standalone constructions or added to the side of an existing building to protect some spots from the elements.

Designed with child safety and experience in mind, they are all fully compliant with the UK standards for school premises, with durable materials making up the construction.

What Canopies For Schools Are Available?

School canopies come in many different designs. Our options include covered walkways, solar PV canopies, timber, and shadesails.

Whether you have outdoor learning ideas to bring to life or improve play experiences, a canopy does it all. You can also align the design with your existing structure for a seamless extension to the classroom. Alternatively, you may opt for a different style to add a new ambience to your school grounds without spending a fortune renovating everything. The possibilities are endless!

What Are The Benefits of School Canopies When It’s Hot?

School canopies have many benefits when the weather is hotter than usual. These including the following:

Less chance of heat exposure.

Children have a higher chance of being affected by heat-related illnesses as they also do not regulate their body temperature. This means younger people sweat less and therefore have more chance of overheating.

The polycarbonate we use for our roof sheets has a UV coating which blocks 98% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation, keeping children safe. Allowing them to enjoy the sun still but safely means that outdoor play can continue even on the hottest days. Also, don’t forget that UV rays are always around, even when it is cloudy, so this protection is helpful all year.

Opting for a solid roof, for example, on a timber canopy or a shade sail, will further block the sun, whilst using heat-reflective polycarbonate roof sheets will help to keep it cool underneath the shelter.



Increased teaching space.

School canopies increase usable teaching space, allowing indoor spaces to be kept cooler as the number of people in one room is reduced. This helps to increase airflow, naturally cooling the room down. And as class sizes continue to grow, more space is always welcome for teachers.

Whether by reducing the number of people in a classroom or taking the class outside to take advantage of the breeze, increased airflow and ventilation creates a more comfortable environment and helps maintain students’ concentration.

Break times are easier to manage.

Keeping an eye on each child when it’s hot is a tough task. Having more covered spaces means it’s less likely pupils will be affected by the heat, allowing teachers to see more easily if anyone is showing signs of trouble from the heat.

Choose a School Canopy Before It Gets Too Hot!

With the UK summers getting warmer, now is the time to consider how to protect your pupils. School canopies off a year-round solution which are especially useful in the summer but also helpful during the other seasons. To find out more or to book in a consultation, get in touch today.