The benefits of having a glass enclosed canopy at your school

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The benefits of school canopies, from the increased covered space offered to protection from the sun and enhanced outdoor learning and play opportunities, are well known.

But you may not have considered the advantages of fully enclosed canopies with glass sidewalls, a concept which provides a sleek, modern covered space. At the same time, these high quality, long lasting structures combine style with functionality plus excellent protection from the elements.

The key reasons to choose a glass canopy:

  • Longevity

Toughened glass is a very resilient, long-lasting material which is eminently recyclable and reusable, reducing waste and saving natural resources so that it’s highly sustainable. It’s also very durable and offers a good level of year-round weather protection and resistance, plus you need very little in the way of a supporting structure.

  • Low maintenance 

Most glass should not require too much in the way of cleaning. And you can add a low-maintenance coating to reduce cleaning time still further. But, whatever you choose, you should find it easy to keep the glass sidewalls in your canopies in clean and in good condition.

  • More natural light

Choosing a glass roof and side panels allows maximum natural daylight to floods into your canopy. Glass has greater visibility and light transmission (around 90%) compared to polycarbonate (which is around 50-75%, depending on the type). However, glass is also incredibly versatile – for example, with tinted glass you can introduce shade, or keep the building cooler by choosing a solar reflective coating instead.

  • Appearance 

Glass canopy designs provide a modern look and, with their transparent finish, their appearance can be more attractive than some of the available alternatives.

Glass canopies from Kensington Systems

At Kensington Systems, we provide schools and commercial clients with attractive, long-lasting solutions that enhance their environments. Our high-quality canopy frames are manufactured from aluminium and can either have glass roofs or glass walls (or both), allowing you to enjoy the benefits listed above.

Check out our range of canopies online – or chat to us about what you need. We’re known for our high quality, low-maintenance designs, and groundworks are always included in our service, to minimise hassle for you.

Ask us about a free site survey today. One of our specialist surveyors will be with you on site within five working days, and we then follow this up with a free, no-obligation quote and visualisation, with options for you to choose the solution that would best fit your requirements and budget

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