The Benefits & Drawbacks of Outdoor Learning Shelters

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Do you want to get creative with how you engage students? If you are nodding intently at the screen, then an outdoor learning pod may be what you need. Allowing teaching outside offers many benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a final decision.

What Are Outdoor Learning Shelters?

Outdoor learning pods are configurable exterior structures that integrate seating and usable space so students can be outdoors during lesson times. Available in bespoke designs and sizes, they also allow schools to use outdoor areas when the weather is not so good. Outdoor learning pods usually include some form of built-in seating with a roof but can be designed differently depending on the your school’s needs.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning Shelters

Improved Concentration and Wellbeing

It has been proven that spending time in nature increases the ability to pay attention. This is brilliant news for teachers as it means they can engage pupils of all learning styles.

Being outside is also important for positive mental and physical well-being. 95% of children say they enjoy learning outside, with uplifted moods and reduced mental health problems among the benefits. Physically, being outdoors incurs more movement, which is essential for skeletal development and maintaining a healthy weight.

Weather Resistant

Our outdoor learning shelters have a solid roof, which offers protection from most elements. The seat can also be configured in any formation to provide extra coverage, and there is even the option to add sides and/or panels.

Natural Appearance

These pods also offer a perfect addition to outdoor space with their rustic wooden structure, which blends into play areas seamlessly. The tactile finish is also appealing to young children.

Better For Socialisation

Outdoor learning pods offer a collaborative environment for education that encourages socialisation. Facilitating interaction between pupils and teaching staff promotes a healthier school culture which flows through all aspects of the day.

More Options For Lessons

Lastly, teachers can get more creative with lesson plans when outdoor areas are available. Whether a normal subject is taken outside or specific lessons to do with the environment are planned, students are bound to enjoy for the more creative approach to education.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Outdoor Learning Pods?

Additional Health and Safety Considerations

As with any educational establishment, there are many health and safety rules to stick with. Taking lessons outside requires some additional planning and considerations, but that is easy to do with prior consideration. Furthermore, when an established outdoor learning pod is in place, as more lessons are likely to take place, a single policy can be produced which covers all activities.

Unsuitable For Freezing Conditions

While outdoor learning pods are mostly rain and sun-resistant, they do not contain any heating sources, so they are unlikely to be usable in the coldest months. However, as we mentioned you can include walls and even windows in bespoke designs which extends the usability of your pod throughout more of the year.

What Outdoor Learning Pods Do Kensington Systems Offer?

At Kensington Systems, we offer bespoke outdoor learning pods for various needs. From simple structures to opulent designs, you can get as creative as possible with our team’s support. We also provide free site surveys and full groundwork to ensure risk management is simplified from the get-go.

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