An Alternative Experience: Outdoor Learning

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In recent years, technology has been moving at a faster pace than what you have come to recognise. Innovative devices now interact with real-time activities, such as holding meetings online via messenger apps and webcams. Online learning has also taken an upward trajectory—with more people opening up to the concept as a viable experience. This is a manifestation of how learning, as well as the education system, is gradually moving away from tradition.

Learning Outside the Classroom’s Walls

Going outside to hold classes is in no place new—it is a practice educators have been using, albeit sparingly, since time immemorial. Take for example how a variety of school canopies are instrumental to a number of schools in the UK. These structures are safe, comfortable and stimulating—an experience different from the traditional way of boxed-in learning.

Students these days have shorter attention spans, with the slew of things the internet can provide. Moving outdoors and using these canopies as classroom extensions can make studying relaxing and fun.

In outdoor learning, our school canopies and lean-to canopy range become an excellent learning environment. It eases the strain on large classroom groups by improving the aesthetics and efficiency of a learning institution. Is this not a better place for both students and teachers?

Reasons for Outdoor Learning

Studying outside the classroom walls can make learning more engaging. Students can experience nature and count leaves or estimate how long it would take their peers to run across a field and back. This makes learning relevant, by giving them the chance to experience life as real as it is. It nurtures creativity and allows them to use their imagination, wherein they get to develop it through experimentation.

Taking learning outdoors can have countless benefits, and education, as you know, does not confine itself inside the school’s walls. For information on fixed canopies, school canopies and outdoor learning areas, feel free to contact us.