5 reasons to avoid plastic gutters on your canopy

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Spaceshade walkway canopy

5 Key reasons to avoid plastic gutters on your canopy specification ?

Very often when contractors are comparing quotes for school canopies, walkway canopies it is usually the case that the cheaper quote will be using a cheap plastic guttering.

The key reason behind this is that plastic is cheaper than aluminium gutters but there is a flip side to this early saving.

  1. Plastic Gutters are Susceptible to UV rays As soon as exposed to UV rays the plastic becomes brittle over time.
  2. Plastic Gutters have poor impact resistance we’ve all had that frustrating moment when a football is kicked it strikes the beautiful new gutters cracking brackets and breaking joints
  3. Plastic Gutters have regular joints using rubber seals – Rubber seals perish in time specially in the bright sun
  4. Plastic Gutters cannot be RAL colour coated – There is nothing worse than a nice new school canopy matched to the rest of the building paintwork only to have an faded grey unmatched gutter
  5. Plastic gutters attract mildew – In order to keep a plastic gutter looking half decent they will need need regular pressure washing. the problem with regular pressure washing is the plastic gutters will become distorted

What’s the answer to all the pitfalls of using plastic gutters ?

Well, we’ve mentioned it above! Aluminium gutters are the answer, aluminium is naturally tough, lightweight, high strength when extruded into profiles, can be coated to any RAL colour and best of all corrosion resistant.

Many canopy suppliers will offer aluminium gutters for these reasons as an alternative to plastic but this still isn’t good enough as the end result still doesn’t have the aesthetics required to compliment the modern design requirements required by many of the leading architects practices currently designing futuristic news schools.

What’s a more aesthetic solution than bolt on aluminium gutters ?

The answer is SPACESHADE this product is all aluminium and above all is has ‘BUILT IN ALUMINUM GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPES’ with all metal components being powder coated together in one batch. The end result is stunning, the whole frame fits together so accurately the end result appears as if the whole thing has been made from one mould. That’s not the only benefits – Read On..

Spaceshade Key features

  • Large spans up to 7m unsupported span between posts can be achieved utilising an integral steel I beam within the front lintel
  • Modular design removes any costly engineering and turnkey fabrication costs normally found with timber, tensile and steel fabric structures
  • Optional extras including side infills, lighting and heaters to increase functionality
  • Integral drainage channels allow rainwater to be managed efficiently and remove the need for unsightly plastic gutters and downpipes
  • 65kg/m2 snow-loading capacity.
  • 10 year guarantee

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