Aluminium school canopy colours

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Lightweight yet strong, quick to install and easily recycled, smart-looking aluminium provides great value for money and won’t corrode or rot since it naturally generates a protective oxide coating. So it’s not surprising that it’s such a sought-after choice for school canopies – indeed, it’s ideal for these structures, whether you want an extra dining, learning or playing space.

What’s more, if you thought aluminium had to be a dull gunmetal grey, think again. At Kensington Systems, we offer this metal in a range of hues to suit your tastes and what you need.

Standard shades for aluminium canopies

Clearly, there are advantages to going for one of our two standard colours described below, especially if time and budgets are tight, since doing so can bring ultimate costs and lead times down noticeably. We’ve installed countless school canopies in both colours.

  • Our most popular canopy colour is RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey. This shade is a very dark grey which we offer in a matte ‘Structuretone’ finish meaning it has quite a sandy texture. One of its key benefits of this colour is its versatility – it looks just as good with Victorian architecture as it does next to a freshly completed modern building.
  • Another option is our RAL 9010 Pure White. In fact this is an off-white, and it’s our second most sought-after shade after Anthracite Grey. Its smooth gloss finish provides the ideal look for the majority of buildings, new or old.

Custom canopy colours

As well as the hues mentioned above, we also offer custom RAL shades to provide the colours of your choice for your school or business. Often, for example, a school will go for blues, greens or purples to match their badges. Others may prefer something a little more neutral or subtle, which blends in nicely into the background.

You’ll need to bear in mind the potential implications of opting for a custom colour, which include possible extra expense, and a slightly longer lead time. However, you may decide to prioritise having the colours you want for your organisation.

RAL is the European colour-matching system which defines hues for paint, plastics and coatings.  It has hundreds of colours to choose from in the range.

Talk to us

Finally, if you’re not sure which colour to choose, we’re always here to help. Get in touch with us today for information and advice on the canopy colours we offer, and advice on which shade might best suit your needs.