2 Most Useful Shade & Shelter products for Primary Schools

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Rolshade blinds and Spaceshade canopies 

Rolshade 430C Crank operate roller blindKensington Systems Ltd have been installing products into education establishments for nearly 40 years, we present to you 2 of our top selling products we supply to this sector and the main reasons behind their success.

The Rolshade 430 Crank School Roller Blind System is an exceptionally durable and vandal resistant alternative to the more basic bead chain variant of this school roller blind system. It also offers increased safety where cord loops could be a threat for example in areas where young children could be present. The removable handle concept also allows teachers the ability to absolute control of these robust school roller blinds thus reducing the risk of abuse and damage to the blind.

This Rolshade school roller blind product boasts the following key benefits.

  • Utilises a robust but neat vandal resistant crank gear mechanism to move the blind up and down
  • This is a great and cost effective alternative to the widely used chain operated systems.
  • crank winding handle which connects to the gear mechanism via a discreet magnetic self-aligning connection point making it extremely easy to use for the operator.
  • Anti tamper – Operation of the blinds totally controlled by the teacher as having possession of the winding pole.

External canopy on the side of a building

 The Spaceshade School Canopy System is becoming hugely popular specially with architects who are seeking to enhance their designs with this super looking and innovative product, along with this this Spaceshade school canopy system boasts the following standout features.

  • No exposed fixings, a great safety feature specially with young children are enjoying their Outdoor Learning experience
  • Integral gutters and downpipes for great aesthetics and durability from being struck by footballs
  • Can span up to 7 meters between posts giving the potential to reduce the number of required foundations
  • Class A non -fragile roof certification for school canopies
  • All aluminium school canopy for modular flexibility thus reducing build time.
  • Can be installed with our legendary Enclosashade canopy enclosing blinds to create a weather proof outdoor learning experience with a view outside too.

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