The Role of Solar Carports in Commercial Spaces

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With the average solar panel able to generate around 1.5 kWh of energy per day, it is clear to see how this technology can benefit manufacturers, retailers and other businesses. When bottom lines are a constant cause for concern and fluctuating utility prices cause uncertainty, it’s time to think outside the box. Furthermore, even if your company is interested in preventing excessive spending or looking for ways to improve the customer experience, a solar carport could be the ideal solution. 

In this article, we’ll explore how solar carports can be used within commercial spaces. 

What Are Solar Carports for Commercial Spaces?

Solar carports for commercial spaces are protective structures that can be used to generate electricity. Commercial carports are designed to be installed in carparks to provide shelter for cars. These robust structures are then topped with solar panels, which can then generate electricity.

Solar carports are ideal for use in large factories, commercial sites and retail centres with large parking areas. With the potential to install hundred or thousands of square metres of solar panels, solar carports can generate significant quantities of electricity from what was previously ‘dead’ space. In some cases, commercial solar carparks are able to generate enough electricity to take the entire site off grid, while generating significant cost-savings and cutting CO2 emissions.

How Can Commercial Solar Carports Be Used?

Solar carports are very flexible and ideal for any company with carpark space. Sectors that could benefit include:

  • Manufacturing: as manufacturing operations become increasingly automated, electricity consumption is increasing as machines take the place of people on the production line. Solar carports can help reduce factory running costs - and carbon footprint - by generating significant amounts of (renewable) electricity on-site.
  • Commercial: Large corporate sites often include large car parks by necessity. A solar carport can be a great way to make a statement about your environmental aims, and you can also install EV charging points along with the carport for your staff to use
  • Distribution: if you have a large electric vehicle fleet, Solspan solar carports can help offset the cost of charging them.
  • Motorway services: Installing a solar carport alongside EV charging points is a great way to increase the profit generated from the charge points, helping to offset or even cover your electricity cost.
  • Retail: Solar carports and EV charging points can be installed at retail centres to increase revenue, and encourage customers to stay longer and spend more.

Commercial spaces can benefit in many ways by installing a solar carport. Running costs can be reduced as the energy produced by solar panels can be fed back into your buildings. Alternatively, the electricity can also be used to provide electric car charging points or even sold back to the grid if not all of the produced amount is required. 

Solar carports also provide weather protection for vehicles. By protecting vehicles from the effects of bad weather or flying debris, customers are more likely to feel comfortable parking their vehicles for extended periods. For industries like retail, this means the potential of more footfall and increased average spending as the visiting time is likely increased. 

Solar carports can also offer additional benefits to businesses, including:

Meeting ESG Goals: solar carports increase the % of renewable energy you consume, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to meet ESG goals

Enhanced Brand Reputation: a carport with solar panels is a visible demonstration of your company’s commitment to sustainability, which is increasingly important to clients.

How to Get a Commercial Solar Carport Installed?

There are several commercial solar car park options on the market. Your choice will depend on the features you need. You can either choose the manage the project yourself or work with a company like Kensington Systems who can take care of every aspect for you, from initial designs and structural work, to installation and commissioning. 

All of our Solspan® solar carports are designed with commercial operations in mind. From optimising outdoor space to groundworks to providing electrical installations to your chosen areas, our team takes care of it all, giving you peace of mind. Explore our solar carports to learn more.